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Keylogger Software helps to recover all type of passwords

How Keylogger is helpful?

Keylogger is used to get password details typed on your PC including passwords for email accounts, social networking sites, instant messengers etc without being noticed.


Password Recovery Features Keylogger Advance Keylogger
Recovers Email Password (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, Zapak mail, BigString, AOL etc) Yes Yes
Recovers Password for Social Networking sites (Orkut, Twitter, hi5, MySpace, Facebook, Ibibo, Bebo, Likedin etc) Yes Yes
Chat Messenger Passwords (Yahoo Chat, Skype, AIM, Rediff, GTalk, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, meebo etc) Yes Yes
Email Client Passwords (Office Outlook or MS Outlook etc) Yes Yes
Monitoring Features    
Log keystrokes Yes Yes
Capture Desktop screenshots No Yes
Record voice chat conversations No Yes
Log delivery via Email Yes Yes
Log delivery via FTP No Yes
Generate Features Yes Yes
Runs in hidden mode Yes Yes
Keylogger $45

Keylogger Software invisibly log user keyboard activities including typed url’s, composed emails, chat messages, passwords typed using your computer system.

The surveillance software always remains hidden and automatically starts monitoring every keystroke with windows startup.

Keystroke monitoring tool is hidden from all access points including Task manager, Startup menu, and Add/Remove program list on your PC and provides easy and customized installation process.

Keylogger software provides facility to send recorded log file at user specified e-mail address to let you check logs anytime anywhere. Computer monitoring tool generate reports of recorded data in txt or html file formats in accurate way. Keyboard recorder is password-protected application, which restricts external users to read logs or modify software installation settings. Key logger utility is user-friendly and extremely easy to use for commercial and non-commercial usage. Keystroke monitoring program is compatible with all major Windows Operating System including Win 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, server 2003 and Windows VISTA.

Advance Keylogger $49

Advance Keylogger Software is one of the best PC monitoring tool which records all activities performed by external users on your PC. Invisible surveillance program monitor computer usage including typed keystrokes, internet activities (web browsing details, typed url’s, temp files, cookies etc), email programs, chat messages, clipboard activities, voice chat conversation and also facilitates to capture windows screenshots on your PC or Laptop-Desktop system at regular time intervals.

Easy to use utility automatically send recorded log file to user specified email address or upload log via FTP server settings. Password protected keyboard tracker system provides time and date of each session with last login and start time of current session. Computer monitoring tool works in complete invisible mode hence it will not appear in startup menu, add-remove programs list and not even in installation files and folders which restrict external users to access or modify software installation settings. Keyboard surveillance software is popular among customers for its superior monitoring capabilities and the ability to run completely undetected from the unauthorized users.

MAC Log Manager $45

Specialized Mac OS X keylogger is excellent spy software that conveniently monitors entire user activities performed on Mac OS machines in surveillance mode. Excellent Mac OSX keylogger is highly reliable utility that empowers you to record entire typed keystrokes, online chats and clipboard activities performed by the user on Apple Mac machines. Mac keylogger software secretly traces user activities and works in hidden mode.

Now you have chance to record activities including chat conversations, visited websites, accessed application, USB removable device insertions performed by external users on Apple Mac OS machines. Mac spyware is enclosed with visual surveillance technique that easily captures screenshots (including Skype video call screenshots) periodically so that you can find what is done on your Mac machine in your absence.

Mac Log Manager Features:-

  • Keylogger OSX software proficiently records various internet activities including chat messaging information, sent email and visited websites performed by the user on Mac machines.
  • Easy to use Keylogger OS X utility record clipboard contents details on Mac OS installed machines.
  • Expertise keylogger Mac OSX program runs in invisible mode.
  • Mac OSX keylogger software is password protected that restricts unauthorized users to access or modify software settings.
  • Safe keylogger Mac OS X software provides facility to generate reports of recorded logs in html file format to inform you all activities performed by the user in your absence.
  • Spyware for Mac helps user to record USB removable device (such as pen drive, flash drives, key drives and other data storage media) insertion or removable activities.

Download free trial!

Download and evaluate Mac freeware keylogger for 30 days to test and analyze free keylogger for Mac application features and functionalities. Place order to get full featured Mac keylogger freeware licensed version at cost-effective price.


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Beware of Scams

Beware of any technology that claims to get password (******) details of Yahoo, Gmail, Orkut, Twitter logins since they can be simply scam, KeyLogger is the only ethical way to know desired passwords which is completely genuine. There are many technologies available which can be used to know the hidden asterisk characters, but it’s not true! Key logger gives you systematic way to get the password details typed on your PC.